The XLT System main components are: drill, battery charger, battery and coupler. A TED (Torque Elimination Device) eliminates torque to provide for safe operation.

The FOOD SERVICE INDUSTRY is important to America’s prosperity and health.

WHAT:  The nightly shuttle process is a main and important activity for Food Service companies. The XLT (X-Press Lift Tool) is a specialty patented system that raises and lowers trailer legs quickly and safely, dramatically increasing productivity throughout a company’s fleet – especially in the shuttle process.  Typically a shuttle driver will make two runs a night, lowering and raising trailer legs 16 to 24 times. Save 30-45 minutes a night using the XLT. Eliminate the stress on back, shoulders and arms with the XLT. Better rested drivers are safer drivers !!

WHY:  Whether dealing with single or double trailers the connection process is laborious. Eliminating this task saves both time and money and allows the driver to get the goods to their end destination sooner and safer.

HOW:  A system has been created which consists of a high torque battery powered drill, a special coupler for connection to the trailer leg shaft along with TEDs (torque elimination devices). The TEDs eliminate all the torque needed to raise or lower a trailer, totally replacing the current manual cranking of the landing gear. The XLT drill is lightweight and the tool bag fits easily in a cab – including the charger and coupler. Installation of the TED on a trailer takes less than 10 minutes so the XLT can immediately impact your fleet and reduce the time expended on connections.

>. XLT Drill – high powered, lithium battery powered
>. drill plate – permanently attached to drill and used with TED to eliminate torque
>. battery charger – 110V quick charger
>. battery – 18V battery
>. coupler – attaches the drill to the landing gear crank shaft
>. latch pin – replaces the landing gear crank handle, allowing coupler to attach to leg shaft
>. tool bag – heavy duty carry bag
>. TED – torque elimination devices preventing any injuries due to torque generated

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