JUST ARRIVED!! New grain hopper couplers have arrived which are the 3/8 socket format to fit directly onto the XLT Drill. No 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch adapter no longer needed. AND – there is now a set screw on the coupler. This set screw will attach the socket onto the XLT Drill securely – thus eliminating the possibility of it detaching from the drill.

Of course, this coupler is the 6 point, 38mm product needed for the Timpte trailers and other trailers using this format. The XLT Insert was made specifically to insert into this adapter to allow for the square hopper door connectors with very little fuss. Supplied with the insert is 3 magnets as well. A magnet that goes inside the 38mm coupler which assists in retaining the insert so it is not lost. Two other magnets are supplied so the user can glue/attach them onto the face of the XLT Drill. These are meant to hold the insert when it is not being used – again to make it easy to open/close any grain hopper door.

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