XLT System is used on trailer legs and grain hopper doors – making a hard task easy!.


WHAT:  The XLT (X-Press Lift Tool) is a specialty patented system that raises and lowers trailer legs and opens and closes grain hopper doors quickly and safely. No stress to backs, shoulders or arms saving 80% of the current time being expended on this task.

WHY:  Whether dealing with single or double trailers the connection process is laborious. Eliminating this task saves both time and money and allows the driver to get the goods to their end destination sooner and safer. Many deliveries require disconnecting the tractor to ensure complete safety during unloading and loading due to forklift use – now easy, fast and safe.

HOW:  A system has been created which consists of a high torque battery powered drill, a special coupler for connection to the trailer leg shaft along with TEDs (torque elimination devices). The TEDs eliminate all the torque needed to raise or lower a trailer. Lightweight, size of a medium tool bag means it fits easily in a cab – including the battery charger and coupler. The XLT safely operates with or without a fleet installation process even though that is the recommended and best approach when possible. In working with grain hopper doors, nothing is attached to the grain trailer to control torque. A portable GRAIN TED is used to eliminate the torque and a coupler and insert are available to address the specific hopper door connector required.

Grain hopper door use requires the GRAIN TED or TED straps to ensure torque is not transmitted to the user. The GRAIN TED is adjustable up/down to meet almost all grain hopper connection points to guarantee 100% safety use of the high torque XLT drill.

Links below show additional info and videos of the X-Press Lift Tool at work.