The X-Press Lift Tool eliminates all manual cranking of jacks to connect and disconnect trailers. Whether it be landing gear used on the large tractor trailers, grain hopper doors, goose neck trailers, dump trailers or the many utility trailer models – the XLT will do it – painlessly.  It prevents injuries to the back/shoulder/arm along with reducing the time spent as well.

Safety is paramount so we also supply a TED (torque elimination devices) in our standard kit.  When torque is needed the TED Straps, when properly used, will ensure it is not transmitted back to the user. The XLT will do the task effortlessly, efficiently and safely. Nothing like it on the market!

Installation is a breeze by simply removing the current crank handle. Insert our hardened latch pin into the trailer crank shaft and it is ready to raise/lower. The T-Coupler supplied in the kit mates with the latch pin and the trigger controls the speed with the switch above it controlling the direction. The XLT is ready to use right out of the box (recommendation is all lithium-ion batteries should be fully charged before use to extend battery life).

High torque XLT Drill, shown above, handles all the manual cranking with no load too big for it to handle – Easily.

The Kit above is the standard Trailer Kit. It consists of the XLT Drill, 110V Charger, 18 volt 4 amp hour Battery, Tool Bag, T-Coupler, latch pin, and pair of TED Straps (torque elimination device, not shown). An additional upgrade from 4AH to 5AH battery is available as well.

Above is the T-Coupler and latch pin.   The coupler has a set screw to lock it onto the drill head. That ensures the XLT Drill and the T-Coupler do not separate.

The large tractor/trailers will use the XLT Drill as well.  In use on a fleet a TED Drill plate is attached to the drill permanently with rods protruding from it.  The user walks up to the landing gear crank shaft and encompasses it with the T-Coupler at the same time inserting the rods into the TED trailer bar.  Then a simple finger pull raises and lowers the trailer.  No cranking here! No torque worries! Quick and easy trailer install process (5-10 minutes) too!

The XLT Drill works equally well on grain hopper doors as well.  Above no TED is being used but a specific one has been created to ensure safety if desired.

Goose neck trailers are now a breeze to raise/lower.  The XLT Drill has no concern about the weight on the trailer either.

Many utility trailers can use the XLT also. Depends solely on the jack installed.

The XLT Drill is up to the task on dump trailers.  Save your $$$, time and back.