Grain Trailers, farms and operators are important entities to the health and welfare of the United States. Without FOOD what would we do? The XLT Drill System was designed to work with Grain Trailers as well as road trailers. Both aspects of Grain Trailer operations: hopper doors and dropping/hooking trailers have been addressed. The XLT Drill handles both tasks effortlessly, efficiently and safely.  Use a goose neck periodically?  With the T-Coupler addon, the goose neck cranking is obsoleted and better protected with no handle.

XLT Drill Component

High Torque XLT Drill Shown Above Handles Both Grain Trailer Tasks Easily.

Click for Video Showing Use

The Kit above is the standard Grain Kit (not shown TED straps and tool bag). It consists of the XLT Drill, 110V Charger, 18 volt 4 amp hour Battery, Tool Bag, Grain Coupler (used with Timpte and Jet Trailers and others using 6 pt large socket adapter) and GC insert (used for hopper doors using square handle attachment),  pair of TED (torque elimination device) straps. Option to upgrade from 4AH to 5AH battery is available.

Grain Coupler (upper object) handles trailers using 6-pt large adapter and insert (lower object) handles most other grain trailers.

Safety Dictates minimally use of TED Strap – Prevents Drill Twisting When Torque Needed – or the Grain TED shown below.

Without TED Strap (s), Just Operate Slowly For Safety When Reaching End Of Open And Close

GRAIN TED, portable and adjustable for many trailers, 100% Safety