The X-Press Lift Tool consists of 3 primary components:

1) KIT – A high-powered drill kit consisting of: drill, battery, battery charger, TED, tool bag.
2) COUPLER – Specialized coupler and insert for grain trailer landing gear and hopper doors.
3) TED – A torque elimination device, portable for most brands of trailers, to prevent torque transmission. The grain kit, a kit being the typical purchase, contains: the high-powered drill, battery charger, battery, carrying bag, TED safety straps and a coupler. To purchase any of the products or more information on various products you can access the company store at The XLT Shop.

Following are links to documents and videos describing/displaying all facets of the XLT System along with videos of use. If you should have any questions or concerns relative to the use of the XLT products, please contact us via the CONTACT US top menu link or the contact button at the end of this page.

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FAQ – Grain Trailer

Grain Trailer Specifics



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XLT Drill Manual

XLT Battery and Charger Manual

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VIDEO: Grain Hopper Door Use