You have used the QR Code located on our KIT or COUPLER product boxes and this page was created to better identify these products.  Additional information on the complete X-Press Lift Tool product line can be viewed by using the links at the top of this page.  You can also visit the sales site here for more information –>  SALES SITE .

The XLT SYSTEM has been created to directly address two trucking needs: the opening and closing of grain hopper doors and hand cranking of trailers to raise and lower them for connection purposes.  The KIT encompasses all that is needed to increase efficiency in either use along with safety by eliminating any potential for injury to the arm, shoulder or back.

When we specify trailers we mean: large trailers used in the tractor/trailer (HCV in Europe) industry, dump trailers, utility trailers and goose neck trailers.  All of these trailers have one thing in common: the crank handle can be removed.  We then provide a specialized trailer quick connect coupler and latch pin to replace it.  The coupler is retained on the drill and the latch pin goes through the shaft where the crank handle was attached before it was removed.   The trailer coupler and latch pin are shown below in Figure #2.

Grain trailers utilize two separate hoppers for transporting grain.  Timpte grain trailers (along with a few others) have a large 6 point nut attached to a shaft and others use a 1″ square like shaft.  All grain trailers come with an independent crank handle stored with the trailer.  We have created a 6 point adapter that is retained on the drill to replace the crank use.  For the square like shaft we have also created an insert that goes into the 6 point adapter.  Both are sold as an AG Coupler and are pictured below in Figure #3.

Figure #1 : XLT Kit

The individual components shown above are:

  • high torque drill
  • 18V lithium-ion removable/replaceable battery
  • charger
  • trailer coupler and latch pin (AG coupler replaces the coupler/pin for grain trailers)
  • tool bag
  • pair of TED (torque elimination device) straps are included but now shown above

The main components (drill, battery, charger) are warranted for one-year from date of purchase.

Figure #2: Trailer Coupler and Latch Pin


Figure #3: AG Coupler and Insert


Safety is paramount and with trucking being one of the most injury prone (OSHA Link) industries TEDs (torque elimination devices) were created to ensure complete safety when used properly.   The torque needed to accomplish this task must not be transmitted back to the user. It does this task effortlessly, efficiently and safely. Nothing like it on the market.

Every XLT KIT comes with a pair of TED safety straps.  This TED will ensure the torque is controlled allowing for the XLT System to be used right out of the box.  There are other TED products made to make the product use safer and are easier to use as well – especially for fleets.  Ask your dealer about TED options or visit the sales site here –> SALES SITE


XLT Drill Component

Figure #4: High Torque Drill shown w/o battery




















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